Thursday, January 15, 2015

SOLD-1985 VW Westy full camper- SOLD

Best Offer. This is a project van. It is not drivable, and will need a considerable investment in time and money to restore. Before making an offer, Please do the following: Be knowledgable about these vans and their value; check out The Samba Classifieds ( see what these are selling for, both unrestored and restored; be serious with your offer; and read this post all the way through. I'll be as thorough as possible. 1985 Vanagon GL Westfalia Full Camper. 1.9 L engine with an automatic transmission. Power Steering, Air conditioning. Approximately 225-250K miles on van. All the original equipment is there, except for one front bumper cap. The engine needs a rebuild,although it does run. I estimate it has 100K on it (was installed as a rebuilt before I bought it). There is an issue in cylinder one that creates an erratic compression problem. I've been told it needs a deep disassembly to determine the cause. More importantly, it has a serious head gasket (coolant)leak on that same cylinder bank. I would describe the engine as "tired", even though it continued to get me wherever I went. The Automatic Transmission went out, which is why it was parked. Started slipping/disengaging and finally no grab in forward gears, although reverse still seems to work. It is in California, and I know it will need at least a catalytic converter to pass smog. Rear tires are good, front tires are a bit less than good. The reason for the estimated mileage is that the odometer went out on it. I drove it for a year that way, until a friend passed on a used one from his van. I lost my paperwork/notes on the exchange, so I have to ballpark it. The air conditioner compressor turns freely, but I rarely used it and when the belt frayed, I just cut it off. Power steering reservoir does leak somewhat, but works fine. The body has a few dents, but not deep or major. There is rust, with a few places fairly significant. Needs a paint job (original paint) to stop that from killing the van! All of the camper appliances work, but the fridge is as flakey as advertised for these vans. Fridge should be pulled and a thorough cleaning done. The heater box ? in the back got overly hot and actually singed the wood of the adjacent cabinet once. I've never had a problem with the water supply, it does need a flushing as it hasn't been used much in the last couple of years. Stove works fine. I replaced the the propane regulator (was original) a year and a half ago. The tent is in good shape, being 30 years old. No rips or rot. I patched in a replacement screen when I first bought this van 10 years ago. It still holds up but isn't the prettiest looking job. I have always used the lower bed, although the top one is in fine shape. The seat cushion of the lower bed is showing its wear and tear and the seams are coming apart. The rear bed cushion is fine. A lot of the drawer/cabinet hardware has broken over the years. I know you can but these new, but always just managed without. The exterior of the cabinets, drawers, fridge and the like are fine. They and the interior need a thorough deep cleaning, as I am a smoker. The fuzzy ceiling has mildewed and needs to cleaned. All of the original curtains are there, needing a cleaning too. The front curtain is missing one snap, and elastic is stretched out. I have a GoWesty screen and shade cover for the roof vent. There is also the original rear hatch screen so that you can sleep with hatch open. The rear floor is original linoleum, and is in great shape for being 30 years old. There are covered tracks for an additional bench seat. Up front. The front end needs some work/alignment and has always worn the tires to the inside. The interior front is pretty good, with a few problems. Carpet isn't bad for being original, dash is showing dry cracking. The inside door latch for the drivers side does not work. The linkage separated within, and having taken the door panel off once before, I procrastinated on doing so to repair. The drivers seat is showing the wear of sliding in and out, but isn't too bad. The right armrest broke a pin, and I couldn't figure out how to replace it, but I still have the armrest. The passenger seat is in great shape. The stereo has a short in the wiring to the drivers side speaker which is out. The fuse to this is also the 4 way flasher, which I removed to stop battery drain. This is a California van. I hold clear title. It is currently registered as "Non Operating". California requires the seller smogs a vehicle at sale. Obviously, I am not gong to do that, so it will have to stay "Non Operating" until you have it smogable. The history of the van: What I know. The original owners bought it under the program where they made the purchase in the states, flew to Germany and picked up the van for a european tour(have some of the paperwork and the stickers are still on the back.) From there, unknown until I bought it from a dealer late in 2004. I used it extensively on weekends in California until I left my job late in 2006 and went full-timing for nearly 4 years around the west. After a 3 year hiatus, I have been back in it for over a year and a half. You can see the blog posts on some of my full-time wanderings and adventures here on this blog, and more at In late 2006 it became "Finagon" for a Jimmy Buffett concert with friends. Went from Santa Rosa to Mountain View with plywood fins and a tail fin that pivoted... Obviously, I have an interest in where this van goes. I'd love to be able to see it continue on its adventures. If you are interested in making a respectable offer, email me at Please include the title of this post in the title of the e-mail. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story...

Monday, January 05, 2015

Hanks ToyBox (1985 VW Westfalia Camper) to go up for sale

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hanks Nature Art on FaceBook

To keep up with what's new with me and Big Sur news, like my FaceBook page Hanks Nature Art

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Big Sur update February 20, 2014

Seeing some flowers this week as the little rain we have experienced has awaken mother nature. The Weather Channel's 10 day forcast shows rain possible starting middle of next week, but it actually backed off significantly on the % of possibility just from this morning. With every passing dry week, the situation for all of California (and for consumers country wide for that matter)becomes more dire! Without the Winter Storms and swell, Jade hunting is slow. Occasional great pieces do find someone, but overall a subpar year. A beautiful piece of Vulcanized Jade was found last month at Willow Creek, one of the nicest I have seen, But things have been scarce for me. Presidents's Day W/E was crowded with campgrounds full and HWY 1 a summerlike nightmare. Glad to see everyone who visited... Cayucas Sea Glass Festival is coming up March 8th and 9th. This is a great show with music and food and some awesome glass. Perhaps I will see you there. If you do make a visit, beware that the recent rains have loosened the cliff walls and rock debris on the road is typical in the early morning hours before Caltrans has a chance to make a sweep.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Short Video of the Russian River and Sonoma County Coast on Sunday February 9, 2014

After we had such a potent storm system come in and after so long a dry period, the Russian River came alive. I took a loop drive out the river and southward along the coast, taking video of all the water.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Acquire A Cappella performance video

This is a Cappella group from UC Santa Cruz. They are performing on a street corner of downtown Santa Cruz. I'm experiencing a problem here with links, and I apologize for that.

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Days and Better Ways...

A changing of views. I experienced a great deal of negativity in my life about eight months ago, which led to a "life event". What those negative experiences were is not at all important here, so I won't go into detail. What's important is how I processed them. I could have grown bitter, angry or hurt, but I knew to survive...better yet, to thrive, I had to face them in a different manner. I chose the karma of Big Sur, California as a place to heal. I spent months contemplating what happened, how it affected me and how I needed to make changes in who I am to prevent anything similiar from happening again. I have gone deep within myself, explored, and started developing a new set of values that are leading me down this new path. These values are about me, not so much others. I have finally understood the meaning of being true to ones self. In a nutshell, it's ALL ABOUT RESPECT. I feel that I have always practiced respect towards others, but cheated myself by allowing others to be disrespectful towards me! I have now set up "House Rules", a set of values that I expect from others if they want to be welcome within my space. And, I am rigid about them. If someone does not respect my values in my space, I will distance myself from them in one manner or another. My "House Rules" NO DISRESPECT NO CONFLICT NO ANGER NO HATE TOWARDS ME OR ANYONE ELSE WITHIN MY CIRCLE. PERIOD. IT IS SO DRAINING! Follow those rules and You will not only be welcome in my space, you will be appreciated, and will recieve the same courtesy's I have just outlined. Eight months ago, I was empty, spent, had lost my karma. Now, I am whole, full of positive energy and am recrafting my reality to be exactly what I want in life. The late, great Zig Ziglar loved to talk about how what you allow into your life manifests into your reality. I fully believe this. The more that I practice positive energy/karma the more it becomes my reality. By rejecting those things noted in my house rules, more harmony comes to me each and every day. My outlook on the future is exceptional and I am excited by what each day brings. I share the positive on my facebook page and if you practice similiar values, you are welcome to join me there. Facebook Hank Springer 7. Peace, Love and Karma to you. Hank