Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pebble Beach, San mateo county coast

A few miles south of Pescadero on hwy 1, or near a third of the ways from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz, this is a great little spot to stop and stretch, have a picnic and explore the beach and rock. It is not well marked and just a cul de sac pull out. There is a picnic table and a grille, a pit toilet and no water.

Once parked, you can explore the little cove with pebbles to the right, or check out the unique sculpturing of the sandstone right in front of the parking spot. With it knobs, waves and crests, the landscape looks like the moon or something. There are reefs further to the ocean, and tidepools to the south. Local fishermen like to fish off the rocks in this area too. Bluff trails lead out in either direction.

There is a geocache here, Coburn's Folly, marking the site of a failed resort hotel. Coords to the cache are N 37° 14.290 W 122° 24.978. These coords can also be helpful in locating the pullout. There is also a plaque in the parking lot detailing the interesting history of this failure. a few other caches are within a mile radius of the beach.

Pebble Beach is actually a part of Bean Hollow SB, another worthwhile stop. I think that this stretch of the coast is some of the nicest and lesser used in this part of the state.

And now to the important stuff. It is posted NOT to remove the pebbles. And so, if you have this swag, my hope is that you do plan a visit to Pebble Beach, and that you will return these pebbles to their rightful location. Or, if you are not going to visit or have bookmarked the info, keep the swag out there