Saturday, January 18, 2014

Acquire A Cappella performance video

This is a Cappella group from UC Santa Cruz. They are performing on a street corner of downtown Santa Cruz. I'm experiencing a problem here with links, and I apologize for that.

Friday, January 17, 2014

New Days and Better Ways...

A changing of views. I experienced a great deal of negativity in my life about eight months ago, which led to a "life event". What those negative experiences were is not at all important here, so I won't go into detail. What's important is how I processed them. I could have grown bitter, angry or hurt, but I knew to survive...better yet, to thrive, I had to face them in a different manner. I chose the karma of Big Sur, California as a place to heal. I spent months contemplating what happened, how it affected me and how I needed to make changes in who I am to prevent anything similiar from happening again. I have gone deep within myself, explored, and started developing a new set of values that are leading me down this new path. These values are about me, not so much others. I have finally understood the meaning of being true to ones self. In a nutshell, it's ALL ABOUT RESPECT. I feel that I have always practiced respect towards others, but cheated myself by allowing others to be disrespectful towards me! I have now set up "House Rules", a set of values that I expect from others if they want to be welcome within my space. And, I am rigid about them. If someone does not respect my values in my space, I will distance myself from them in one manner or another. My "House Rules" NO DISRESPECT NO CONFLICT NO ANGER NO HATE TOWARDS ME OR ANYONE ELSE WITHIN MY CIRCLE. PERIOD. IT IS SO DRAINING! Follow those rules and You will not only be welcome in my space, you will be appreciated, and will recieve the same courtesy's I have just outlined. Eight months ago, I was empty, spent, had lost my karma. Now, I am whole, full of positive energy and am recrafting my reality to be exactly what I want in life. The late, great Zig Ziglar loved to talk about how what you allow into your life manifests into your reality. I fully believe this. The more that I practice positive energy/karma the more it becomes my reality. By rejecting those things noted in my house rules, more harmony comes to me each and every day. My outlook on the future is exceptional and I am excited by what each day brings. I share the positive on my facebook page and if you practice similiar values, you are welcome to join me there. Facebook Hank Springer 7. Peace, Love and Karma to you. Hank