Friday, January 19, 2007

Montana De Oro. January 5 thru 7

I drove 101 to San Luis Obispo, and wandered through old town a bit, and took a wander through the Madonna Inn. VERY elegant place, and PINK! The husband designed the buildings and grounds, and the wife was the interior decorator. For the most part, it is very smartly styled, and each room is unique and themed, and they used local rock in a natural construction, but... she was definitely into PINK!! I think that Mary Lee from the PD has stayed here, or aspires to. It certainly would be her kind of place, but has to be expensive.
After resupplying, I drove the back way to Montana De Oro SP.
Montana De Oro SP, 1/5 thru 1/7.
I had a great time here, exploring deeper into the park. While I hiked and biked well over 15 miles, I did not really scratch the surface as far as covering the park. I went up a canyon and around; bike/hiked the entire southern bluff trail system and also went out the sand spit (seperates the ocean and Morro bay), climbing the dunes to the bay side and back. I did not venture to far up the peaks, as they are mostly just scrub covered and exposed. The wind and seas had yet to subside from the storm...I did manage to see my first whales of the trip here :). On the bluff trail trail ride, I witnessed my first true "blowhole". There was a crevice in the rocks of the bluff, and if a wave hit just right and was powerful and sustained long enough, there would be a geyser in a small vent, some 12 feet or so inward from the crevice. try as I might, I could not capture the geyser. Camera is just too slow...

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