Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cleveland NF to Anza-Borrego Desert SP

As I left Cuyamaca SP, I headed back southward up Sunrise hwy towards Laguna Mountain. I found a short spur from the hwy with awesome vistas and a geocache placed in honor of a very unique native american.
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I spent too much time here, and it was near sunset by the time I reached the summit. A lot of folks were up from the city enjoying the snow, and it was too bad it was too dark to get a pic of the teens shoveling a pickup load of snow to take back to the city with them. Only one camp was opened up here, and I found it unappealing, so I proceeded in search of the open area for dispersed camping. Before I realized it, I was off the mountain and at I-8, no open and accesable area found :( . I ended up with only a passing glimpse of Laguna, which is a shame...
I was awakened early by noise in the toybox, and shined my light on a unwelcome visitor! I now have a mouse :(. This is an ongoing saga, and I will devote a post to it later on, after I have sealed its fate!
After a stop to arm myself against this viscous 2 and 1/4 inch varmit ;'), I headed up into some some BLM land, called McCain Valley. Some nice views, but little hiking opportunity, so I quickly proceeded east to S-2 and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park...

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