Monday, October 07, 2013

Big Sur Jade Festival "ON HOLD"

Due to the Federal Government Shut down, and the subsequent shut down of Public Lands, specifically the campgrounds and day use areas of the Los Padres National Forest in Jade Country Big Sur, the festival is on hold. I will start by stating that I am not going to use this forum to voice my opinion on all of this, but to try to provide details and status updates to those that follow my blog. I left jade country Sunday morning. The campgrounds and day use areas were closed, with the exception of Willow Creek, which is most likely closed by now. As far as access to Jade Cove and other jading areas, and regarding "dispersed camping" within the forest, nothing had changed before I left. I heard rumors to the contrary, but can find little information to confirm anything. I will say this. Those that are involved in the shutdown (on the front line) are doing the best they can while they themselves are affected personally by it. Hats off to Parks Management Company. What a tough position to be in. Same to the staff of Los Padres National Forest. If you have to channel any anger, it should be to the top of the foodchain! My heart goes out to the locals who will be so greatly impacted if the fest is canceled. Of course, there are millions of us who are also impacted by the shutdown in some manner. OK, so I did voice a little of my opinion, now back on-track. I have reached out to Congressman Sam Farr, as I read on BigSurKate's blog that he was able to get an exemption on te use permit for the festival, but nothing in regards to the campgrounds and parking. If anyone out there has additonal information, please e-mail me and I will update my posts. Thanks, Peace and Karma to you all Hank

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