Monday, February 19, 2007

Reyes Creek, Los Padres NF

I found a very nice camp near the intersection of Lockwood rd and hwy 33, which is towards the northeast corner of the forest. What an awesome site I picked :). A number of mature oaks canopied the site, and the creek ran along the backside. I could do this for a couple of days, was my thought. After setting up, took a hike up Peidra Blanca trail for a couple of miles, looking for a pool on the creek a ranger had said was a good fishing hole. Getting late in the afternoon and as the brush encroached on the trail, I was finding more hitchhikers on my pants (ticks). Enough of this. I planned on coming back in the morning with more provisions and tackle. Back at camp, I set up creekside on a small flat just behind camp. So tranquil, I lost track of time til the sun disappeared :). I had the entire camp to myself and finished the evening with a roaring fire, compliments of Mike and Travis, who left me with several huge hardwood logs when they departed.
In the morning, there was definitely a change of weather in the air, and weather forcasters had a substantial storm on the way, within the next 48 hours. This made for a difficult decision, as much as I wanted to hunker down here for a couple and explore PB trail and maybe even finally wet the line... Alas, I have been looking forward to taking in Carrizo Plain National Monument, and a new storm may make it impassable, so I woefully broke camp and made my way further up the road.

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