Monday, February 19, 2007

San Diego. An unfinished story...

So, I have been in the SD area for over a week now, yet just got into SD proper this past weekend :). I spent the first week exploring, kayaking and beach bummin from Oceanside thru Mission Bay. I like, I like!!
Lots of stories and pics, but not for today, I'm afraid. The rain has chased me indoors, so I have been catching up on-line. There is a promise of more storms by week's end, so I'll be back then.
Tomorrow, I am going into the gaslamp district for their Mardi Gras celebration, which is billed as one of the biggest on the west coast. A story in itself, I will be doing my first hostel overnight there, which allows me to celebrate properly ;'). Should be interesting.
I have yet to decide where I go once I depart here, and if it is to the east, I may not see the ocean again for months on end. Therefore, I am in no hurry to depart. This area is the closest thing to Florida beach town culture I have yet to find, so I am kicking back and enjoying.
I have spent the last two nights on Shelter Island, SD Bay. This one mile sandspit is all bayside public park, allowing beach bonfires and general waterfront recreation. Reminds me greatly of being on Sanibel Causeway, or hanging at Bunch Beach, or similiar (except for the freighters, cruiseships, naval presence and airport...). So, how could I possibly be in a rush to move on?
Ziggy has now done zydeco, and is quite content with his newfound lifestyle. In addition to being good company, he proves to be a "babe magnet"! Go figure :). No complaints here...
Life is good. Hope you feel the same.

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