Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Drop down out of the gaslamp, and through the newer mecca of downtown, and you find yourself front and center with the bay. At the northeast corner is the airport, which is was too small and way way too close! It only has one runway, with no room to expand, so flights are stacked up over top of downtown, and as soon as a landing is complete, a jet is roaring westward on the runway on takeoff. I read an article while here about an existing proposal for an off shore floating airport. Does not sound like it will ever get off the ground, but they do need to do something.
The bayfront starts off with marina space and then a floating maritime museum. The sailing ship "Star of India " is the centerpiece, with a number of other smaller vessles in the fleet along with a submarine. Just south of here is the cruise ship port, and just further south is the aircraft carrier USS Midway. All of this with Coronado and the Navy's "north Island" base as a backdrop. A very nice place for a stroll along the embarcadaro. I had lunch at the Kansas City BBQ, which was used in the movie Topgun. This place should actually be located in the keys, or on Baja Peninsula. First thing I thought of was Sloppy Joe's in Key West... So, how many bras and panties can actually be affixed to the blades of a ceiling fan anyhow? I guess that no one is keeping score :). I just hope that it was a Hunter... I did keep an eye out for flying objects ;' The pilots from mirimar frequent the place, and there is a collection of signed squadron caps, personalized lic. plates and other memorabila. As I said, it was like walking into a joint in the keys or Cabo. Graffiti and signed bills on the ceiling and all. Good food too, but sheesh, they failed the test! Is there actually a law on the books in California against sweet tea?! :( You can bet that I had a whole lot of fun with my waitress on this one.

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