Monday, June 11, 2007

Jackson Hole, Wy

Just some misc. notes from the greater Jackson/ JH and Teton area...

Fascinating story on the slide and the dam giving way. Very nice area to explore. I found my first "Cache Across America" geocache, which are placed in each of the states and give clues to the final cache in DC. Hmmmmm, how long would it take to complete this series? I also saw some of the strangest behavior I have ever saw from an osprey. It may have been an adolescent in practice for fishing for all I know. Instead of the typical talons down, wings back contact with the water for its prey, ths one was going in beak first, kind of like a jet landing, and it would splash and flutter on the water after making contact. Almost as if it were trying to do the breast stroke!

  • Another shootout in Jackson :). This time I was able to get on the front line and take some better pics. Every day at 6 pm, all summer long. Must get old for the actors...Afterwards, I took a hike UP the Snow King ski slope. Isn't that backwards? Probably easier to ski down than climb up for most, but then you've never seen me on skis!

  • And finally, it was an awesome evening at Curtis Canyon in the NF above Jackson to take in the blue moon rising...

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