Friday, June 08, 2007

Yellowstone-Tower Junction and the Grand Canyon

From Mammoth, I did a day trip over to Tower Junction, since the road southward from the jct is closed. Nice waterfalls on the way, and also an interesting petrified tree. Interesting in that it is a Redwood! There had been two other trees here, but they have been chisled away for souvineers over the years. The last one has been protected with a steer bar fence. An interesting change to the terrain as you head east also. Open rolling hills here until the junction. The hike I'd have liked to done at the falls and river has been closed due to storm damage the previous year. Seems to be the story of my life (closed trails). Still, a very nice day capped with a bbq at a creekside picnic area on the way back, complete with a couple of elk with velveted antlers.

The Grand Canyon is awesome. "Painted" canyon walls, falls and a very powerful Yellowstone river. I tried to cover every viewpoint, from Inspiration Point through Artist Point. I took Uncle Tom's trail down to a viewpoint of the lower falls, but I could not say that the view was worth the climb. It must have been an incredible adventure "back in the day", based on the description of the old trail. It was a good thing that I got over here today, as there is a major change in the forecast. Snow :) I bet that the canyon area looks good in a fresh layer, but getting to those views would be a bit tricky...By the time I was headed back, rain showers were occuring.

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