Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Misc. Jackson Hole

This post starts out in Grant Teton again, as I just cannot stay away :) Coulter Bay could be referred to as the resort area of Jackson Lake. It has a marina wit docking, cabins and the largest camping grounds in the area. It also has some great hiking and scenery. I spent the better part of a day out here, taking the heron pond/swan lake trail south, and some lesser trails around the marina. A quick grille set-up and late lunch, just before a nastly little storm blew through.

I got a primitive camp site at Spalding bay on the lake. I intended to launch and kayak from here, but had one of those "lazy day" episodes, and did very little outside of camp. Early in the day, a group driving through told me of a bear sighting a half mile back. They were exilerated with describing the encounter, and from the details and location, I had to assume that this was the trouble-maker from Leigh Lake that the rangers had gone on about. The visitors told me to be wary of a visit, as it had crossed the road down towards the lake. Within an hour, I had zoned out form the outside world and become consumed woth catching up on crosswords. Sitting in the drivers seat, hard at thought, Something finally alerted me to movement on the road in front of camp. Just taking a quick glance up, thinking it would be a car, I was surprised to see "the bear" meandering in front of me! Funny thing, I don't think he noticed me either :) He just mosied by and made mischief at the garbage can posted at the roadside. Finally having my camera at the ready, he crossed the road and headed over towards the latrine (?). Now, FULLY in the moment, I got out of the van and wandered out onto the road to try to catch sight of him. He heard me and sprinted up the hillside to the west, away from camp. That was the last I saw of him. Funny that he did not even come into my camp, hearing what a trouble maker he is. (today, 6/13, I just reserved the site for a 3 night stay, so maybe I will see him again...). That afternoon, I had a deer visit camp, hanging around for a numbe rof minutes. In the evening, I built a roaring campfire, and it reappeared, and seemed to get comfortable with my presense, hanging out in or near camp til well after dark. I would talk to it in a calming manner, and i think it found security from predators with me and the campfire there. It was a bit uncomfortable at times, because it would go to the bushes directly behind me, and no matter how friendly it acted, it is still a wild animal, and I did not want to lose track of it.

I made my way back to Jackson by taking the sw road out of the park, Teton-Wilson rd. Very nice drive with some great side trips available. I had hoped to take a hike out to Phelps lake and into death canyon, but a nasty thunderstorm passing overhead made me think better of it.

I celelbrated my birthday by going over to Tteon Village at the Jackson Hole ski resort. The Mangy Moose Sallon :). They had a local band on saturday night, Boondocks, which seemed appropiate. They jammed and the "moose" really rocked!

  • To finish, I will identify the location of the other misc pics on this posting: Frosted Hills are at Cliff creek, Bridger-Teton NF south of Jackson. Had had a pretty good late evening storm.

  • Sunrise and sunset on the Tetons. This is fom my camp up in the NF, Curtis Canyon area. Has proven to be one of my favorite camp areas, due to its roximty to Jackson and, oh yeah, the views! It does take a 1200' climb off of the valley floor above the elk refuge to get here though. The squirrels that keep showing up in my pics are Unita Ground Squirrels, although I have heard them refered to as "grinders". They definitely are social, and reminiscent of prairie dogs...

  • A car show in Jackson. Busy w/e here. Also had a film festival, run and other activities going.

  • Elk had just crossed the road and jumped the fence into a pasture. The male was prodding a youngster, and had just finished chasing it around in circles. Spring Gulch rd.

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HeatherP said...

Hey Dave,

David and I checked out your blog site and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful pictures you have taken. The beauty that you have brought out in your pictures, of the nature that you have seen, is breath-taking.

Take care,

Heather Padgett, old neighbor