Friday, October 12, 2007

Olympic Peninsula-part 1

If I had to chose a general area to hunker down for a lengthy period right now, this would be it. What's not to like?

Miles of Pacific beaches; rain forests; glaciers; glacier melt rivers and streams; alpine quality lakes (some near sea level!); hot springs; waterfalls; old growth forests; the strait of Juan De Fuca & the Hood canal; quaint sea ports and fishing villages. I could go on and on. Outdoor recreationists paradise for sure. I guess this is why I spent three weeks out here, and still did not get enough! Bald Eagles are so numerous that sightings were an everyday occurence, and I saw the largest concentration of them I will likely see in my life, at Neah Bay.

It was a boondockers paradise, and I spent my nights either sleeping in the toybox on drive-on beaches; on bluffs overlooking the ocean; even tent camping on beaches, sometimes nestled in amongst the driftwood trees for protection from the wind. When not on the coastal side, I chose locations such as in pull-outs at the foot of waterfalls; deep into NF lands, amongst old growth forests or rain forests; at waters edge on some of the lakes, or in the seaports and fishing villages. As I like to say: Every day is a new adventure... and the nights can be so too :)

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