Monday, September 09, 2013

Big Sur Jade Festival

I'm getting excited about the upcoming 22nd annual BS Jade Fest, happening October 11th, 12th and 13th. ( This will be only my 2nd jade fest, and this one is going to be different for me than the 1st. Now I'm a resident, jade hunter and wire wrapper. i know a lot of my fellow hunters and wrappers and I also anticipate seeing quite a few of the friends I have made from out of the area and folks who have bought my pendants. I haven't decided in what capacity I will be there in, whether strictly a spectator, or seller (if someone gives me a space at their booth) or maybe even doing freelance wrapping. I know that if I were to consider the latter, it will only be with blessing of the festival and vendors (no bad kharma here). Hey, maybe I will run into you there. Be sure and say hi if we do meet. If you are considering going: Camping options are probably slim, but you can check here (, or through Cal. State Parks and other camping options up in the town of Big Sur (Big Sur proper). There is also limited dispersed camping in Los Padres National Forest. Hope to see you there Hank

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