Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Expect Nothing, Accept everything. This is painted on a parking lot at a vista point in Big Sur. I have been contemplating the statement since I first saw it. It really, really speaks of my Karma, yet I still struggle with it as it pertains to my "pact" with myself. I love giving of myself to others when the energy is there. I never expect something in return, I just want to convey positive energy. I find that the more I live my life in that Karma, the more positive energy that comes to me. I'll try not to be over the top on this, at least not in this post. When I first came to Big Sur, I was empty! Spent! I had nothing left, physically, emotionally or spiritually! Honest truth. I knew the direction I had to point myself in order to survive, so I started spending hours of my days at the vista point mentioned above, meeting travelers coming through, and trying to slow them down so that they would truly experience what Big Sur is. Too often people allot 3 hrs to travel the 70+ miles called Big Sur, stopping in turnouts, taking a quick photo or two, look at their watch and hurry off. They may see some of the raw, natural beauty that is Big Sur, but they don't really experience it. I liked to point out (and still do) things like the Jade right below them on the beach, the waterfalls (other then McWay Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park), Where they might best have the chance of seeing the Condors (condors? is the usual response), Wanna see Albino Redwoods?, and sometimes if I feel the right energy from them, I'll give up a local secret or two. I collected (still do) chips of Jade too small for me to do anything with and handed it out to those that didn't want to search for themselves, AND to those that wanted to look, so they'd have a sample for comparison. And I never look for anything in return. I always get a "feel good" from sharing, and a lot of smiles, thanks, handshakes and sometimes a hug, and those are what healed my maladies. I am so thankful to those that extended those things, and I hope that I somehow enhanced their Big Sur adventures. So what is the problem? I wrote a post last friday and spoke of my pact. I stated what my expectations were from others, mainly respect. I will not tolerate certain things coming into my space. Period! So, I find that to be in conflict with "accept everything" To do so is to compromise who I am. Hmmm, such a struggle. Peace and Karma Hank

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