Friday, September 20, 2013

I tried to be normal once...

But seriously. I spent way too many ticks off my life clock pursuing "The American Dream". When people look at how I am living my life today, many think that something broke. All that happened was that I woke up to the fact that I was not living MY dream, pursuing MY passions, or doing MYSELF justice. Everything that I am currently pursuing; learning the art of wirewrapping, setting up on-line sales of both the wirework and photography, are part of a bigger plan, one that allows me to start checking off items from my "Bucket List". I started my bucket list on my 55th Birthday, this past June. Once I finished the draft I realized "Hank, you had better get busy brother!" Topping the list is to resume my travels, explorations and adventures of the western US. My business plan calls for my businesses to be portable so that I can manage them from anywhere. And in the process, the two (businesses and travels) marry together. As I travel, I will pursue the minerals/gems of the regions I visit as the centerpiece of my pendants, and I will take advantage of the myriad outdoor photo ops to add to my portfolio. And the businesses will hopefully support the travels. Perfect Yin and Yang. So much of my bucket list is about travels, discoveries and adventures that it is no doubt the core passion of my being. The sacrifices I have made to realize these dreams prove not to be sacrifices at all, at least to me. The deeper that I immerse myself into my dreams, the more that I peel away the layers of expectations. Not mine, but those of others. I have had to become selfish, at least in the eyes of the beholders. I have made a pact with myself, one of which I set boundaries of how much I may be influenced or veered off-course by the wishes of others. I realize that I am truly a better person by setting these boundaries, and I will die a happier and more content individual because of them and my pursuits. I WILL live the rest of My life as I want to. I will truly be ME from here on out. So how about you. Have you created your "Bucket List"? Do you really know what you hope to accomplish in life, or are you stuck in the daze of the "American Dream"? Is life for you the time spent planning for the future? or are you in this moment? Peace and Karma to you... Hank

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