Monday, September 23, 2013

Pickup Truck burns near Lover's Point Pacific Grove and I hit a parked car! Friday, 9/20/13

Friday in Pacific Grove. And I thought I had a bad day. Bless the fire dept and PD. They were on this in a heartbeat. They had the fire out before the contents in the camper shell were damaged. I missed an awesome shot, a fireman crawled into the shell, pulling out the items to the front. At last he came out holding a small picture frame and walked over and handed it to the trucks owner. The exchange was awesome. Another firefighter had stepped between me and this as it happened, so no clear pic. OK, it was still an awesome act, and makes me even prouder to say that I have a career fighter in the family (love you Jim). So, as planned, I made my way to Carmel Village Friday evening to see Red Beans and Rice. A Stressful drive in rush hour traffic (traffic SUCKS big time on the Monterey peninsula) and I finally find an open parking space. Go for it. Well, for the first time in probably 25 years, I'm involved in an accident, as I clipped the front of a parked car! Everybody knows whose fault it is, right? Mannnn! And even worse, it is a beautiful BMW convertible! I get out and check the damage. Oh no, The cars front bumper is detached, and laying face down on the pavement! Almost comical if you don't consider things. And front fender damage to boot. The toybox is darn near unscratched. I wish I could somehow exchange the damage between vehicles. Nope. So, I call my insurance company while I wait on the owner of the car, and actually had a claim set up and all by the time she got there. It was AWFUL! Heartwrenching for me. I did everything that I knew to do to help her through this, and even gave her her choice of one of my Big Sur Jade pendants, when she said she had been under a spell of bad Karma recently. Her girlfriend did show up and that support was helpful. I detached the light cables and loaded the bumper into the backseat of her car for her. Ironically, she was going to the Redbeans and rice show too... I saw her there but tried to give her space so she could take her mind off the incident for a while.

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