Friday, December 01, 2006

November 18

November 18
Spent the day caching and exploring the Seaside, Sand City and Marina area (a town, not a harbor), completing the day with dinner and sunset at Pacific Grove (pics).
There is a recreation trail that runs from Monterey or Pacific Grove through Marina, and possibly further. I think I have now (through end of this visit) covered 15+ miles of it between bike and hike :). The best cache of the day was certainly "feed your soul"(gcovbn) (pics). It is on a bluff overlooking the beach on the outer fringe of Fort Ord. It is at least a half mile or more from typical public access, and therefore I had the area to myself. I entered through a fence opening from the rec trail, then took the old fort's roads and jeep trails until I found the best route out. From there it was a short hike up the dunes to the cache. Mesmerizing views! had a half dozen dolphin working the break, sealions passing by and lots of plovers working the beach. Sailboats out on the bay, osprey, hawks and vultures on the currents off the dunes. Had snacks and must have spent an hour and a half overlooking this scene. Definitely fed my soul :))))))).
As I returned to the toybox, which was parked at seaside state beach, out on the bay was an old friend. Yep, there was Lady Washington :).
BBQ and sunset at Pacific Grove was gorgeous, as usual. Most foks out there don't appreciate that I can just pop up, have the grille going and "cheeseburgers in paradise" and be photographing the sunset, with such little effort. Sorry about that. NOT!!!!

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