Saturday, December 02, 2006

November 25, 2006

Well, after one last awesome vacuum packed breakfast, Art and Jess headed out to make their journey homeward. It had been a fun couple of days, and I certainly hope that we cross paths again.
I headed towards Morro Bay proper and "the rock". Took a walk along the beach, behind the dunes, and around the rock, retrieving seven caches, while spotting several sea otters lounging in the bay and a perrigrine falcon on the rock. Cruised thru town, picking up a couple of more caches, and stopping at the visitor center. Explored Morro Bay state park, finding a good kayak launch in the process, and access to the camp showers.
Then, it was up to Montana Del Oro. Amazingly, there were a half dozen campsites open on a saturday night, when they were full last night. Guess everyone was getting an early start back home from the long Thanksgiving weekend. Also amazing was that by the time I made camp and explored the grounds, it was getting near sunset already! Where the heck did the day go to? I headed out for a bluff hike and two more caches for sunset. The hike was very cool, and there is so much to explore in this park, I know I won't get it covered while I'm here on this trip...
Back to camp for dinner and a very nice fire to finish the day.

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