Friday, December 01, 2006

November 20, 2006

November 20

After checking out of the room, to seaside beach to cook and have breakfast. I then biked around the town of seaside, doing a few caches and riding around their lake.
Went to aaa and bought an aquarium tix. From there, I found my way out to Asimolar State Beach.
Late lunch or early dinner at the van and then a walk through the tide pools and rock scrambling. At my last stop at the rocks, I was just leaving when I notices 5 deer making their way to waters edge. I had never seen deer wading in salt water and exploring tide pools before. Got a few pics of this.
Walked the crescent sand beach south of the rocks and tide pools. Lots of surfer dudes and dudettes on the waves kept me occupied for a time. Watched a pair of dogs, a dalmation and a german shepard romp on the beach. The owners were throwing out a chase ball, and the dalmation would always be leading the way. If it retrieved the ball, the shepard would catch up and of course tussle for it. The dalmation would run up to it and not retrieve it, instead, make a romping loop around. The shepard would not go for leftovers, instead he would follow the dal. They were having agreat time, and this chase game took up a hundred yards of beach. They were certainly loaded with energy!

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