Friday, December 01, 2006

November 19, 2006

Sunday, November 19
Kind of a catchup day. After breakfast, did a bit of shopping, got a room to do internet, and then parked on the north side of the harbor, to bike into the wharf area of Montery. Talked a bit with a guy there about living in a van, then headed off.
Walked the wharf. The guy with the Parrots was out (pics). Beautiful birds. The Lady Washington was at dock and had quite a crowd looking over her.
I got my fill of Clam Chowder with all of the samples being offered. While chowing down on a cup, I noticed a couple of people outside one of the restaurants looking at a crow perched on the awning above. It had somehow gotten ahold of a cup of chowder, and was perchered with the cup in a one of its feet which also clung to the edge of the awning. It would bend over and pop its beak in for a mouthful very now and then. Hilarious sight, and got a few good pics. It finally dropped the cup, as if done with lunch, and a view of its head showed the evidence smeared on the outside of its beak (pic). yum yum :0.
After a conversation with the women at whale watch, went thru the musems and them headed out to the coast guard/diving area. Biked to the end of the pier where the sea lions are. Got some neat pics of them and the cormorants.
On the way off, saw an otter 5 feet off the pier lounging and eating lunch. No pic though.
After getting back to the van, drove along cannery row to go out to Pacific Grove.
On the way, had a laugh when a fourseat bicycle carriage crossed in front of me. Two guys up front and a girl in back. I stopped well ahead and motioned them to cross. The guys laid on it, grunting as they tried to hurry across. The girl was sitting in back, cross legged, taking in the scenery. The devil in me caused me to call out to them "hey, she's not pedalling!". This proved to be a show stopper :') with the guys groaning and grunting, and the girl looking back at me with her finger at her lips with the shssshh sign. We all got a good chuckle out of that.
After a bbq dinner at Lover's point in Pacific Grove, to the room and worked on blog.

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