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November 21, 2006

November 21
Today was Aquarium day. They had "Penguins on the red carpet", where they would have two penguins walk out and take their places on podiums (lots of assistance by the handlers, trust me) and do their thing as questions were asked and answered. That was a hoot. Also caught the feeding at the kelp forest. Besides that, I was able to view their second captive white shark. I have never had a bad day at there. This was no exception. Late afternoon, I headed off to Big Sur.
Unbelievably, I have yet to put my kayak in the water! No explanation, and have missed some awesome waters to date.
I managed to pick up one cache in Big Sur before sunset. Twin Bridges. This is out on one of the few side roads to be found out here. I thought about trying to find a place off road to spend the night, but it (coast rd) is a fairly treacherous road and getting dark, and possibility of rain. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone for it. It could not have been worse then what the night turned into.
So, another flippin lovely night in a developed camp, and my favorite type, that being a California state park. Decided to break down and pick up firewood on the way in...nice fire and a relaxing night, settle into being in the Big Sur and all. Right! Wood at the general store, $7 a bundle. Plus tax. Good grief, have I ever paid tex for a bundle of wood before? So, I spend the night trying to whittle the wood down into kindling, anything to make the F!@$^^&#@ crap burn. Nope. 6 friggin newspapers, all of my white gas, blowing on it, prayers, curses, nope, just lousy wood. Wonderful. So much for the nice relaxing campfire.
But wait, it CAN get worse :').
One of my favorite developed camping hobbies, yes, YAHOOS.
Good grief. "Drama Queen" and "leave me the f#%$ alone" launch into one of the most impressive, high decibel, prolonged verbal shouting matches I can recall. It finished up with her going into some type of "I'm dying" hysterics, and items being thrown around the campsite. If I had not had well over a half hour of experience with her dramatics, I would have been seriously concerned about her physical welfare. As it was, I loaded up the pepper spray, and she would be as likely to get it as he, if either stumbled into my camp!
My question, where the HELL were the rangers, or even a camp host. I know the rangers residence is right across the river, no way they could not hear it. No drive through by anyone all night.
Just to ice the cake, half the bathrooms out of service, and only one shower open. Gotta love it.
Just a side note. Even the bare bones Forest Service camps had their rates up to $20 and $25. That from $12 and $14 earlier this year. Only boondocking though is to pull out on hwy 1 and ignore the county postings to no overnight parking.
And so it goes ;')

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