Monday, April 09, 2007

Amboy Crater

I can't say what attracted my attention to this spot, other than seeing it on the map. At first, I thought it might be a meteor crater, but, it is a cinder cone.
I took a gravel road out into the lava flow to pick up a geocache there. Pretty impressive flow. While at the cache, I hear the unmistakable boom of munitions, and climb up to see the results a mile or two south of me. There is a marine training base there and they were just out bombing the hillside! Hey guys, look out, I'm right over here :')
It is two miles each way to the crater, and as I am so adept at, it was noontime and over 90 already. Not too strenuous of a hike, so other than the visit inside an oven (crater), it was tolerable. Picked up a cache hidden just outside the crater, admired the rock art that someone had meticiously done within, walked a portion of the rim, and headed out. Got back to a van that was 104 inside. Got on the road quickly to air it out...
Been there and done that...

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