Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Wow! Crowded. Oh, spring break time :0
Beatiful rocks, wild burros, nice hikes. Nice park. And it is a BLM park to boot.
They have a desert tortoise habitat at their visitor center, but it was always in its burrow, so I never saw it.
I stopped in at Red Springs first and took a nice hike on the boardwalk and then a scramble around the red rocks. After stopping by the visitor center, I went in on the loop scenic drive, which paremeters the canyon. Most of the pullouts, picnic areas and trailheads were overflowing, but I managed to hike a couple of the trails. I figured a return visit mid-week might be less crowded. That was not the case. When I stopped by the campgrounds, the host told me that they had been full for two weeks and did not expect a break anytime soon since the schools do the "staggered" springbreak schedules.
And so it goes...

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