Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tecopa & Amagosa Canyon

First thing for the day was to check out the hot springs. Either I just missed it, or the area that is general public accessable is actually set up as a pool and spa. They pipe in the springs water, filter and treat it and have seperate pool buildings for the men and women. Not exactly what I had in mind... I drove to the furnace creek road area, and there are some pools intermixed in a marsh that appear to get used, but there are signs posted warning about mudmites!? :'( Well, hot springs aren't a neccessity, so onward I go.
Next stop was for a cache, "Grand Canyon of Tecopa"(gc7bb). OK, I'm game for that. It was a canyon alright. Really more a wash, and on a microscale of that other canyon in Arizona..., but a nice stop. Further out of town was "Miners RIP" (gc10jjv). An old cemetary suuposedly for the miners that plied this area in the 1800's.
Next I got off road and explored Mesquitte Valley a bit. If I had been willing to travel the distance, I could have ended up on the old pioneer stage road that would lead me closer towards Death Valley.
Instead, I backtracked to China Ranch date farm. They have a trailhead here that goes back into the Amagosa Canyon. Nice hike and a cache, "Get a date, take a walk" (gcrc8k) led me to a springs fed waterfall! Kinda neat to go to a waterfall in the desert. I sidetracked to a slot canyon across the way on the return, and the shade of the canyon was most appreciated. It was in the mid 90's in the shade at the farm store, and 115 in the van upon my return. Did I oversleep and lose a few months or is it indeed still winter :')

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