Thursday, April 12, 2007

Las Vegas

Not a whole lot of exciting things to state about my visit. I was stuck here longer than I had hoped, tending to a broken laptop and van problems :(
I avoided dropping any big bucks on gambling or shows, choosing to be frugal and conserve my funds for maintaining my travels.
That's not to say I didn't enjoy myself. I spent a lot of time on the strip and in the casinos, took in a few of the lesser shows, visited the Bass Pro Shop, and as reported in other posts, did a number of side trips around the region. Met a number of interesting people, saw a number of bizzare events (what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ; ), and so forth. Just a couple of pictures here, nothing of much significance.
And a few observations on "sin city"
Rename it to "Crane city". Goodness, the amount of construction. It is perpetual on the strip, if you have not been here in the last year, forget it, it is much different. The region is experiencing growth at an alarming rate. 6th in the country (BTW, Fort Myers and St George Utah are in the top 5). I could not believe how much growth has occures in the year and few months since my last visit. Henderson blends right into Vegas and Red Rock Canyon has no seperation from the bedroom communities. To really put it into perspective, try going north of N. Las Vegas at night (up the hill to above the Air base and turning around and check out the sea of lights down below on the approach. I have seen nothing like that before!
With the growth, comes TRAFFIC!!! Man oh man, there is no relief to it, and it will become worse. The roads, as the city, are under perpetual construction.
I would suggets that you not come within the month spanning the "rolling" spring break schedule, however, I suppose that it is always this crowded.
And finally. Yep, you can do or see anything that your imagination can fathom ;').

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