Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arches National Park

My first venture in was cut short by high winds and threats of rain. A sandstone region is not a good place to be in a wind storm, as Goblin taught me :).

My second trip was better, but still with rain looming. I made the best of it, just not venturing too far out in case of another wind storm or worse.

I did most of the noted arches,Windows; Double arches; Delicate arch viewpoint and then, getting braver, ventured out to Pine tree, Tunnel and Landscape arches. Sprinkles and heavy clouds stopped me from venturing further out that trail, but I certainly got a good taste of what the park is about. It is neat to see the evidence of the changing nature of the park, with new arches forming while older ones finish out their life cycle of erosion. You cannot go out to landscape arch anymore, since a huge section of it fell some years ago. There are some 2,000 discovered arches in the park, with others being found and still others slowly forming over time. With this being at the tail end of my trip through Utah, some of the fascination of arches has worn off, but still, this is a fascinating place to visit :)

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