Saturday, May 26, 2007

Granite Creek, Bridger-Teton NF

Just south of Jackson Hole is where I spent my first night in Wyoming, along the Hoback river. It was getting dark and I wanted a chance to take in some of the view before calling it a day. Beautiful spot, even though it was within a few hundred feet of the hwy. Things quieted down early, and it proved not to be an inconvenience.

In the morning, I drove in on the gravel road along the creek. Beautiful! It did not take long to start spotting wildlife. My first sighting was Marmot, a family up in the rocks above the road. They posed for me very nicely : ). After watching a deer bound across the creek, and awaiting something to come across chasing it, I entered into a wooded area and quickly came across my first Moose :). One of the two also posed for me, but did seem a bit nervous with my presence, so I moved along to let them be. After watching two more moose on the hillside, I spotted a pair of Sandhill Crane down on a tributary to the creek. Wow! Still to come was a deer and fawn, before I arrived at the waterfalls. Afterwards, I moved to the end of the road and the hotsprings. They have built a full sized pool for the springs to fill, and in the late spring it opens to the paying public. I cheated and had the place to myself for an hour...

There is a very nice NF camp nearby, not yet open, and I chose a site with a nice overlook of the creek to stop and have lunch. A very nice and scenic drive in here :).

From here, I made my way into the center of Jackson Hole, the town of Jackson...

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