Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson has become home base for my time in the two NP's (Grand Tetons and Yellowstone) and the region. Jackson has suffered the same fate as so many small towns that have been "discovered", too many people moving in for the infrastructure and ambience to support. I hear the median home price is at a million, and they have gone through the argument as to whether or not to expand the roadways (do so and more people come). It is, of course, a catch 22 for them. "Come and visit, and leave us your $$$, but then please go home..." :) They do seem to have one thing going for them, which is that the town is surrounded on three sides by NF, NP and the Elk refuge. Other nearby communities seem to be getting the brunt of development. Anyways, a nice town to explore from, with just enough services and ammenities to be comfortable. I will post more on Jackson, including an array of pics of town and surrounding areas as I go along. I expect I will be in the area for at another week. I did take in a bit of "old west days" over the memorial day w/e...

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