Monday, May 07, 2007

Capital Reef NP

After a tour of the scenic drive, I took the next to last site at the park's campground. The last site was taken by a couple, Jurgen and Christine, who were driving a Mercedes Westfalia camper! They had come over from Germany in 2004, entering at Argentina, and had been making their way north since. A very cool Westy, and cool owners. They and a neighboring camper, Roger, had GPS's, and I filled them in on geocaching. I gave Jurgen coordinates for a cache that they would pass on their way out.
The next day I hiked up to Cassidy Arch, named for Butch, who frequented this region. An interesting hike. The arch is set at the edge of a basin, the cliffs of which all tilt inwards, so I was unable to get any real good shots of the arch. After lunch, I went up Grand Wash to its "narrows". Not as nice as Zion's, but they were dry :). I found a "dispersed" camp for the night, just outside the park at Pleasant Creek, which was indeed pleasant.
In the morning I hiked out to Hickman natural bridge.
The hike out was awesome. Proof that spring was here! The caterpillars were hatching out, and in turn, the mud daubers were having a feast. So many blooms along the trail, it must have taken me an hour to get the first half mile out the trail :).
As I am finding with so many of the arches and bridges, finding a good vantage point for a picture is quite a task, if even possible. They are facinating, especially if you try to fathom their formation.
After the hike, I made my way east back out of the park. I stopped to do "Moki Cache", which was the one I had given the coordinates to Jurgen on. Incredibly, as I was making my way up towards the cache location, they pulled into the parking lot :). I was able to share in their first cache find, which is always a treat.
Christine. If you are looking in, I'm sorry, I still owe you the shell lei I had referred to. Perhaps our paths will cross again :).
After parting ways with Jurgen and Christine, I made my way east to Goblin State Park...

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